What to expect from your coach?

  • Is on your team to support your consistent actions as an accountability partner
  • Asks thoughtful questions help you discover the best path for you and your business
  • Shares the secrets of highly successful entrepreneurs and salon owners
  • Helps you execute on your plan
  • Helps you get unstuck when you know what to do and are not doing it
  • Is committed and excited about your growth and reaching your goals


Benefits you will receive from business coaching:

  • Shortcuts to your goals and dreams “knock years off your success timeline”
  • Help to accelerate your personal and business growth
  • A “mirror” for you to discover and eliminate negative mental blocks and blind spots
  • Powerful new ideas and perspectives
  • Motivation and challenge you to your highest potential
  • Help for you focus and prioritize


Who should have a coach?

  • Salon start up and teams
  • Salon owners that want to make their business more profitable, run smoother, get more free time and increase the quality of their life
  • Open minded people that are willing and excited to do what it takes to succeed
  • All of us can benefit from coaching.  I have a coach.


Business coaching basics:

  • We create a custom permission-based agreement up front and will work within it.
  • I’ll help you set your measurable, realistic and thrilling goals – how much more money, time, peace of mind, etc… do you want?  What will greatly improve the quality of your life?
  • We’re on the same team, looking out towards your goals and creating the action plan to get there
  • There is no judgment or blame, just what’s next
  • I hold you to your highest potential
  • It’s all about your goals, objectives, life and agenda.  (I leave my ego at the door)
  • Just like in sports coaching, you take the actions, learn, and enjoy your results.


Your role in making salon coaching a success

  • Commit to your own success
  • Have an open mind
  • Be willing to learn and try new actions or thoughts even if they are sometimes scary or out of your comfort zone
  • Sign up for at least 6 months of coaching – many quit at about 3 months because of fears and old limiting beliefs and just before results start arriving.  Those who sign up for a year of coaching generally get 4-10 times the results of those that stop at 6 months.
  • Do your homework – plan on at least an hour a day.  I call it your “golden” hour.
  • Complete an agenda form before each coaching– accomplishments, ideal outcome, questions, areas stuck, homework
  • Execute

Here are a few things that we will dive into.


  • How to make sales more fun
  • Lead conversion to Sales, follow up, tracking, effectiveness
  • Scripts
  • Overcoming fear of sales
  • How to be more effective at sales (heart based selling)

Leadership (Business and Life)

  • Hours working vs. free time
  • If you had more free time, what would you enjoy doing with it?
  • Business goals, mission, vision, plan
  • Quality of business life, are you doing what you love to do?
  • How to find and keep a great team
  • Motivation, training, mentoring, rewarding employees


  • Business gross income vs. profit
  • Finances, bookkeeping, accounting, tax strategy
  • Cash flow analysis, stabilizing seasonal cash fluctuations
  • measuring critical performance indicators
  • Pricing, margin


  • Manufacturing optimization, reduce errors, cost-effective
  • Organization, paper filing, computer files
  • Customer service, fulfillment, operations efficiency
  • Computer systems, automation, phones, technology
  • Product and service offerings, inventory


  • Clearly define your niche market within today’s economy [demand/supply]
  • Branding, unique business proposition, powerful messaging
  • Marketing strategy and tactics, tracking, budget, ROI – lead generation
  • Online marketing, SEO, social media


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