When many people think of search engine optimization, they conjure up images of computer programmers performing some sort of black magic that will get their site ranked high. In fact, parts of the SEO industry have earned this reputation by promoting questionable tactics like fictitious “doorway pages” or “attraction pages” that only search engines can read. At Salon Execution, we don’t use any of these gimmicks to generate high rankings. From our experience, is that methods not related to improving content, site structure, and link popularity lose their value over time. Therefore, we study the algorithms that the search engines use to rank sites and then modify or create actual web pages within your site to be consistent with these algorithms for your targeted keywords. We also work to ensure that your site is “spiderable” and uses a search friendly architecture.

Some aspects of your site that we will modify in our web page optimization process include:

  • HTML page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords
  • Keyword density in the editorial copy per page
  • Alt tag, image, and link names
  • Position of primary copy
  • Keyword prominence
  • File names
  • The use of the proper copy in the headline
  • Internal linking structure
  • Site “spiderability”

Web page optimization is not an easy process, and with continual changes in the search engines algorithms, it is not a one-time process either. Because of this, Salon Execution typically recommends installing analytics on any site to monitor its performance over time.

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